HICKORY CLAY offers memberships to intermediate and advanced potters.  Each member receives their own shelf to store their tools and full studio access. All wet work is stored in the studio’s Damp Room. Members provide their own tools.


The studio offers six clay bodies and all clay is purchased through the studio. Special clay types can be requested. Electric kilns fire to Cone 6. All studio glazes and slips are mixed in-house → Details & Photos Here


The studio has 18 pottery wheels creating ample space for members. The wedging table is 8’ long and poured with plaster. Plywood bats and wareboards are provided along with portable drywall boards for reclaiming clay.


The studio has over 30 plaster hump molds for use by handbuilders and an area dedicated to handbuilding with a slab roller and 25+ colored slips. We offer drywall wareboards, plywood boards, rubberized canvas mats, and banding wheels for handbuilding. → Learn More


In-progress work is stored in the Damp Room, a 200 square foot room lined with shelving and kept at a high humidity. Greenware dries at a predictable rate and members are free to explore work of any size.

Email with any questions.

Studio Hours:

Monday - Thursday 6pm-9pm

Friday 12pm-9pm

Saturday 12pm-6pm

Sunday 10am-6pm

Membership is available FOR PURCHASE online:


Member Shelves

Glazing Area