Hickory Clay provides resources devoted to handbuilders.


The dedicated handbuilding area has an 8’ x 4’ table with a laminated work surface and bright, recessed can lights. A Shimpo slab roller sits adjacent to the space. We offer rubberized canvas mats for the slab roller which creates clean slabs that are free of texture.

A 7’ wooden, standing table in front of the windows is an alternative if you prefer standing.

Template based vases

Template based vases


Our collection of over thirty hump molds offers endless possibilities. Shapes include squares, ovals, and cones all varying in size. Ten options of slip and high quality paint brushes help with decoration. There are ten 8” rubber texture rollers and a set of rubber stamps. Additionally we have plywood and gypsum work boards plus Shimpo banding wheels.

Indigo clay rolled into porcelain

Indigo clay rolled into porcelain


  • White Porcelain Slip

  • Pink Slip

  • Orange Slip

  • Yellow Slip

  • Green Slip

  • Blue Slip

  • Black Slip

  • B-Mix Slip

  • 1C Grey Slip

  • B3 Dark Brown Slip

Folded forms

Folded forms