Class fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Up to 1 week before the class begins: A full refund minus a $30 cancellation fee

Less than 1 week before the class begins: Refunds will be given for illness or injury, indicated by a doctor’s note or unexpected family hardship including illness or bereavement. Changes in job, vacations, or life priorities are not included.

No refunds will be given after the class session has begun.


1. Students will not load, unload or operate the pottery kilns. 

2. Long hair is to be tied back. Open-toed and open-heeled shoes are not permitted in the studio.

3. Students are not permitted to use equipment whose use has not been previously taught in class. 

4. Students are responsible for leaving the studio in a clean condition. Clean all tools and return them to their appropriate storage areas. Wipe down all wheels, wedging areas, and equipment you use.

5. Do not touch or move any clay projects that do not belong to you. If you need to move a piece, please ask a staff member.

6. Students are provided with 25lbs of clay for their class.  Additional clay can be purchased from a staff member.  Clay from outside sources is NOT permitted in the studio.  Students are not permitted to bring their own glazes or underglazes.

7. Smoking is not allowed inside the studio, within 25 feet of the entrance, or on the roof.

8. Students are not permitted on the roof.

9. All pieces will be fired and ready for pick up approximately 10 days from the final class session. You will be notified by email when your work is ready for pick up.

10. Fired work must be picked up from Hickory Clay no later than 30 days after student has been notified that they are complete. Hickory Clay is not responsible for any work left longer than 30 days. It is the student’s responsibility to pick up their work.